Connect without Compromise

SOLIDWORKS PCB is one of the easiest ways to connect your electrical and mechanical designs without any trade-offs. Focus on just the electrical side of your design in SOLIDWORKS PCB, and work on the rest in parallel with SOLIDWORKS CAD. Your workflow will always remain separate but in sync, using the most productive tools for all aspects of your product design.


Managed ECO Change Process

SOLIDWORKS PCB ensures that your design data is always kept in sync on all sides of the design process. Changes made to your design can be easily pushed back and forth between SOLIDWORKS PCB and SOLIDWORKS CAD in a managed ECO change process. Knowing what was changed and when has never been so seamless and direct, with instant notifications and detailed change history.

Managed Lifecycle States

SOLIDWORKS PCB allows you to manage the lifecycle states of component models separately between your ECAD and MCAD workflows. Place a component on your board in SOLIDWORKS PCB without having to wait for a mechanical model to be complete. With linked design data, an updated model will instantly be added to your design when it’s ready.

MCAD Integration

Making changes to your PCB designs isn’t limited to SOLIDWORKS PCB. Easily make changes to component placement, board shape, and mounting holes directly in SOLIDWORKS CAD, and then push those changes back to SOLIDWORKS PCB as an ECO.